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You now have a nanny!

4.-  You select the nanny

You choose the nanny that best suits your family and child's needs and is the best fit for your family values.

5.-  We proceed with the background check

We will do a thorough background check with a professional firm for the following:
- Criminal Record
- National sex offender registry

6.- We send you the Family-Nanny Agreement and Invoice

Having Overnight Newborn Care is proof that I understand and care about the immediate needs of both parents and children. I know how joyful and how scary it can be to have children, and I love helping families feel relaxed whenever they put their children in my care. My goal is to make you feel as calm as possible every time you leave your kids behind.

1.-  Tell us what you need

Come to our office and fill out our detailed "Needs Assessment Form" to know what your family needs are in your new nanny

2.-  We select candidates that match your criteria

We will do the work for you to find you a nanny that matches your needs, so you don't have to go through countless interviews and resumes.

3.-  We arrange the interview

We will schedule the appointment(s) with the candidate(s) for you at our office, your house or the place you select

How does it work?

Easy!!! ... just follow these 6 simple steps:

Professional Services

Finding a good nanny is not an easy task and can be a very arduous, stressful and time consuming process. We will do the work for you and present you the candidates that match your needs, so you can select the one that best fits your needs and family


We will soon be providing this service as well, so you can  rely on us to enjoy your perfect night out.


A "Manny" is not just a male nanny. He is more like a "big brother" who will not only care for your children, but will have them enjoy plenty of activities and games, in many cases outdoors, that will keep him active, exercised and entertained.


(786) 464-9990

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Our office is conveniently located in Key Biscayne.

Call us or just drop in, we are in :

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... Babysitters & Mannies too!

Ever since our family moved to this beautiful island we have seen the great need for a personable, easy and reliable way to find a good nanny to care for the many kids who live here.  
Our job is to make life a little easier for you and your family, knowing that you can always find professional help to take care of your children when you need it.

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